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04-02-2006, 10:47 PM

I'm interested in getting a portable trailer to TOW my Yamaha V-STAR custom. Trailer-in-a-bag (http://www.trailerinabag.com/index.php) looks interesting, as does port-a-chopper (http://www.portachopper.com/) - for significantly more $.

Anyone have any experience with these, or similar products?

Note, I don't have a garage - so I need something I can fold up and store in the basement.



04-03-2006, 07:53 AM
I have no personal experience with the breakdown style trailers that you linked to, other than watching other people fiddle fuck around with them and cuss at them. They do seem to be awfully expensive :(

Is it mandatory that you store the thing in the basement? If so, you may be stuck with one of those solutions, but if you can park the thing outside of the house when it's not in use you'd be better off going with a full sized trailer. I've been through numerous trailers over the years as my needs have changed, and I know without a doubt that if I had to buy another trailer today, it would *not* be one of the single bike breakdown trailers. Of course my latest trailer is a 20' enclosed trailer that will haul four bikes and all the tools I own, as well as still have room to toss a futon matress down for sleeping :).

The best trailer I've ever had for short hauls of one or two bikes is a used landscaping trailer that I picked up for $250.00. It is lightweight so you can move it around by hand, and it has a full width flip down ramp that makes it perfect for loading and unoading bikes. It has a six foot wide deck, so when you ride up on the trailer you don't have to worry about where your feet are going to land (or *if* they're going to land on something other than air). With the "bike only" trailers that have nothing more than a track that the tires sit on, it can be an exercise in coordination to park the thing without dropping it... and getting the bike off the trailer can be even more difficult. The short wheelbase on those trailers also make backing them up a real pain in the ass. They'll jackknife on you before you know it, and just learning how to back up with a short squirley trailer can be enough to make you want to pull your hair out.

Sorry I couldn't offer any real advice on the trailers you are looking at... I guess my only advice on those would be don't buy one unless you have to, or unless you haul the bike so infrequently that you can tolerate the inconvenience (a couple of times a year or so). After about five times of using it you'll be cussing it and wishing you had spent a lot less money on something bigger.

04-03-2006, 04:54 PM
Thanks, Bigwater.

Unfortunately, I live in a row house on a city block, with about 15' of frontage. If I'm going to tow the bike, it's going to have to be on one of those portable thingys.

You raise some good points about ease of use, and safety. Before I "take the plunge" will run them by these sellers - and see who's answers I like best.

Thanks again for the interesting reply.