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06-16-2004, 01:54 PM
I went on a ride Tuesday night. Couple of guys I work with and a good friend and his woman took off for a short 100 mi. ride or so to Mickey`s Irish Pub Bike Night in Waukee. Never been to Mickey`s before but a buddy works up in Waukee at a American Ironhorse dealer. We got up to the dealer "Biker`s Alley" and shoot the bull for a while then headed to bike night at Mickey`s.
Looked around, nice bikes, free food, and a crappy band. You know full of doctors and lawyers. Well anyways took off cause we would rather ride then stand around and talk about how much money we make, lol.
At bike night I was kidding around as we looked at one bike up there that had a handle bar clamp bolt half way out, the seat bolt missing, and a twisty tie holding the brake line up.
On the way back home we stopped for a soda and one of the guys was talking about how he was glad he didn`t have a cell phone so his old lady couldn`t get ahold of him, lol. I said well it takes up less room than his tool kit, joking.
I was riding my bike kinda hard pullin wheelies a couple of times and about 30 miles later I noticed my clutch housing was loose and after I stopped noticed one bolt was completely gone!
Now the same guy I was giving crap to about his tool kit, I had to ask if he had a torques head wrench to tighten my screw, aww man was that ever funny. I heard about that when we got back, lol.
I thought about it when I got home and remebered putting new levers on my bike a while back and NOT PUTTING LOCKTIGHT ON!!!!
I`ll never hear the end of this, and ohh ya, I won`t give him crap any more either, lol.

Just thought I would share this trip with ya!

06-16-2004, 04:31 PM
Funny ya should bring this up. I lost a front brake caliper bolt about 30 miles out on the way back from a 150 mile trip. A wire tie got me home. Got a new bolt and I think I'll take your advice.

06-24-2004, 08:13 PM
About the only things I don't use locktight on are my valve stem caps.