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05-08-2006, 08:23 PM
RevBob asked some questions about changing oil earlier in the day. I gave him some ideals and thought that it may be a good ideal to start a new thread with one of the suggestions. I have been using a product called SeaFoam for a few years now. It has many uses which can be beneficial to us as bike riders.

First let me state that neither I nor RiderInfo.com is affiliated with this product in any way, but it has many uses that I believe we could all benefit from.

1:) As a pre-treatment or flush product to use before you drain your oil. If you put between 4 and 8 ounces in the crankcase with your oil before draining, it will aid in removing sludge from the crankcase. If your oil is at the very full level, you should drain an amount equal to the amount of SeaFoam that you will add to the crankcase. After putting in the SeaFoam, run the engine at a fast Idle speed for 15 minutes. Do not under any circumstances drive the bike with the SeaFoam in the crankcase. It causes the oil to become very thin, which aids in draining but is not good for lubrication. Do not be surprised by the amounts of sludge that will come out with the oil. After doing this for a few regularly scheduled oil changes, your oil should come out of the bike almost as clean as it went in.

2:) As a carbon removal agent for the upper cylinders and valves. If you put 8 ounces of SeaFoam in the gas tank at fillup time, the SeaFoam will help to clean out the cylinders and valves. It works better if after adding the SeaFoam, you are able to ride at highway speeds until the next fillup. The bike may give a little smoke out of the tailpipes until all of the SeaFoam is gone. Once every two months or so will keep the carbon deposits to a minimum and can greatly improve the performance of the bike as well keep your valves and plugs clean.

3:) As a substitute for using Stabil in the gas for winter storage. Putting 8 to 10 onces in the tank and filling it for winter storage, your bike will come out of storage a lot fresher and ready for the first run of spring than any other treatments available including Stabile. It is best to run the bike with the SeaFoam for a long enough period of time to ensure that the fuel in the bowls has the SeaFoam additive in them also. SeaFoam will also retard the evaporation of the fuel in the bowls and will keep things from drying and oxidizing in the bowls. If the bike is in for long term storage, it is best to fill the bowls entirely with SeaFoam.

This stuff has been in use in the marine and farming communities for many years. It has many uses and it works like a charm. I have been using it for over 15 yearsand I swear by the stuff. And the oil that I take out of my vehicles is probably cleaner and better than the oil that most people put in the vehicles. My 86 BMW has over 200,000 miles on it and the oil still comes out almost as clean as the day I put it in. The guy who bought it from me is amazed at how clean the inside of this engine is.