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  1. sportycat's Avatar
    I know that singer can throw a few back. Seen them one time already up in Leesburg. They're pretty good at some of the old stuff which I like. Tried to get em to play a little blues around Mardi Gras but was told if ya want to hear blues, then ya should go to New Orleans as we're not that type of music. Oh yea, what was that other thing he said, noone knew one of the songs they played. Well you know, I knew the song but the name escaped me at the time so little Charlie says, that's right, I forgot I'm in Lake County, Does anyone know what a John Deere is? LOL. But if ya like Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd a lot, he's your man. Back in the day when I listened to Floyd, I had a little help with my mood if you know what I mean? But from what I remember, this band does do them well. Charlie is definately a show boat and has all the natural arrogance of a real Star. You just got to see them at least once.

  2. WebTechdg's Avatar
    Yes this band is really rocking Central Florida. My Favorite song in "The Watcher." My web design company just began setting up The Official website for Valance Shell at www.ValenceShell.com/ so check it out and you can watch videos (The Watcher is on the front page) and find out about upcoming show dates to see Valence Shell Live.
  3. FX's Avatar
    A bug was exposed that we missed causing those problems. The issue has been corrected and all the events were updated on the calendar and on the forum.
  4. noppid's Avatar
    I tried to post an event, but it didn't show up right and I got and error.
  5. FX's Avatar
    The memorial for Dragon had a really nice turnout. It was hard to have a good time though having said goodbye to Floyd the same day too.

    RIP Dragon.
  6. FX's Avatar
    It was good to see old friends yesterday at Floyd's funeral, but a sad day still.

    Goodbye Floyd. We'll miss you.
  7. BamBam57's Avatar
    If anyone wants to know the service for Tom will be Saturday at 2:00 PM . At Becker Funeral Home in Clermont Hwy 27 to Hwy 50 turn right to 8th st turn right follow back twords lake. Alot of people are meeting at the County Line Bar at noon to go down together. Our Prayers and support for this family of ours is needed. Not getting to mushy but May God Keep Us All Safe.
  8. FX's Avatar
    Congratulations to Jeff for winning the Best Poker Hand Trophy and to Butch of the U.S. Military Vets MC for winning the Worst Porker Hand Trophy.

    We appreciate your support. Good play guys!

    You can find the pictures in the photo gallery.

    Riderinfo Photos of the run.
    Rick Miller photos of the run.
    Updated 07-26-2009 at 04:43 PM by FX
  9. BamBam57's Avatar
    Tom was a great guy. He always made me laugh. We will miss him and our prayers are with his wife and family. Please ride safe everyone.
  10. rick miller's Avatar
    Your right, the ride we took was a nice ride. The people were great too, but the roads man what a ride. Cant wait till the run.
  11. cowgirlup616's Avatar
    Had a great time & great food. Thanks!
  12. rick miller's Avatar
    That would fit in my back yard
  13. aja's Avatar
    It belongs to the father of my one of students. He's been invited to the Daytona 500 to show it and it has been in magazines. It was pretty cool, but the pulled pork was even better. Of course now I'm bloated and rather ill, but it was worth it.
  14. Andrew O's Avatar
    Hi FX:

    Your post caught my eye as I just finished my first entry to my blog about my bike - I ride a 2003 Ural with a sidecar and get quite a response where ever I go - a whole lot of fun! Interestingly, my previous post was about a good friend of mine and his amazing contribution to his community and how, in a round about way, a recent visit with him got me thinking about vets and the incredible contribution they have made. If you or your readers have an interest, please visit the following two links.




    Hopefully you will enjoy and comment. If so, please forward the links to your friends.

    In the meantime, happy riding!

    Updated 04-14-2009 at 02:30 PM by FX
  15. rick miller's Avatar
    Always a good day for a ride, but you know that
  16. rick miller's Avatar
    Any time I can help just ask, glad you like it
  17. rick miller's Avatar
    It was a nice day to ride that morning, FX and I rode over to KSC for the opening of the new place. Thanks Tim, I had a good time, the food was good & had great tunes playing. I want to thank Tim & Scott for all their help on my bike keep up the good work.
  18. rick miller's Avatar
    Thanks FX atleast I did get some pictures. Iill do better next time. Now for the, it wasnt my camera.
  19. FX's Avatar
    I was just bustin' your chops. The pictures are fine and we have raffle and slow race pictures from Karin's camera.

    Tell Diane she takes better pictures BTW. :P
  20. rick miller's Avatar
    Sorry about the camera, there was lots of stuff to take pictures of. All in all it was a good run. I want to thank everybody that was there, if it wasnt for you all we could not do the things we do for others, THANKS AGAIN
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