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  1. Picked Up a Chevy Lumina

    I got a 1998 Lumina for a great price from an estate sale so I grabbed it. So far it goes down the road good.

    The front nose is dented in a bit in the lower rubber part. I'm told you can heat that up and push it out. Is that true?

    It'll be good to ride in something a lot more comfortable than the Cherokee and the AC blows cold.

    But I gotta keep the Cherokee, it's a workhorse and gets 20MPG on the highway.

    Updated 11-05-2008 at 12:08 PM by FX

    Stuff That Happens
  2. Took a little ride last night.

    It was not much. I got out for a bit and headed to Leesburg. I checked out one of the places Tugs frequents.

    Beer was cold and the band was good. I got to see an old friend behind the bar, she's still so pleasant to visit. It was nice.

    I saw Ron, met his Sister, and saw Rick and Diane too. Great to see you folks!

    One of the things I didn't like about going to Leesburg is traveling on US441/27 and back. It's a divided highway and those making left turns ...
  3. I'm just the photographer...

    And a writer, some of the time. My bread and butter is in the computer business.

    I don't want to say anything bad about any event I attend, so sometimes I choose to not attend or write about certain events.

    I like to go to local events for the community, by the community. I choose what I write about and take pictures of. I'm never paid to do it. (but paid advertising is available on RI)

    That being said, I'm not the guy you call if a run sucked or there ...

    Updated 09-15-2007 at 04:04 PM by FX

    Rider Info Back Office
  4. And I thought it was just us.

    Every now and then you may notice a new member joins RI and on their first post they put up 25 links to porn sites. Forum Spam.

    Well, we catch it fast and ban the user and such, but even after that, there is more then one way into RI and it continues.

    There are ways to stop it, but it's hard work and the server software needs to be enhanced to get the tools necessary.

    At RI we have access to those tools and have installed them and we are using them. We ...
  5. Rider Info Growth

    Lately we have been busy providing articles and photos to enhance Rider Info and give the members something new to see often.

    However, while we were doing that, the server, the place the Rider Info web site lives, got too busy. We didn't catch it soon enough and it caused a lot of times where RI was too slow or unavailable completely.

    Growing pains. We didn't see that coming. We had hoped for it, but thought we were ready for it. We got more then we were ready for. ...
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