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Blog Comments

  1. rick miller's Avatar
    I just got all the bugs out of my computer so now I can post the pictures I took at the run
  2. sportycat's Avatar
    I am just glad that I saw a lot of my friends going by me back toward Clermont that day. I just happened to be in Clermont doing bank business and was heading back North from there when I saw a long line of bikes going by and I knew most of the people so I turned around and followed them and found out as we rolled into the funeral home in Clermont that I was in Tommy's funeral. I so did not want to miss it as I had just talked to Tom (Red) a couple of weeks previously. I also saw him the day that he died when he was still on the road. Red had told me a couple of weeks before that ill fated day, that if he ever died when he was riding, he was doing what he loved the best as that was what I had told him about riding my bike. My sister worries so much about my riding until I finally had to tell her that and that's exactly the way I feel about my ride. So one day, Red, I will see ya again riding in the sky. I know he loved those boys of his and it's so sad to have to leave behind your loved ones but I believe ole Red is up there riding in the sky and his family will see him again one day.
  3. FX's Avatar
    We had a nice ride to say farewell to Tom. It was sad to say goodbye.
  4. FX's Avatar
    Good news. Glad to hear the run was a success.
  5. FX's Avatar
    Thanks BamBam. We had a good time and did take a lot of pictures. I'll get the pictures we took and that Rick and Diane took posted by tomorrow hopefully.

    Thanks for a good time. It was good to see old friends over there in Sumter County and see the great support for Barb everyone showed.