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Benefit runs

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Over the last several years, I, as I am sure most of you have either participated in or organized several benefit runs. Personally, I have organized at least 100 runs. Some of them were great successes, a few of them were not so great. We, as riders, have always been known for "taking care of our own." I have never objected, nor refused to help, at least as a volunteer on any benefit ride in which I was asked for help. However, there comes a time when one must sit back and say, "when is enough, enough?"
I can attest to the fact that any run I have ever been involved with has personally cost me a few hundred dollars, mostly for the fact that the end result is to achieve the greatest donation for the cause as we can. I always had the feeling that part of putting a run together is sucking it up and absorbing part of the cost, especially when I have been given the responsibility of creating a successful run.
With the rise in fuel costs and the rising costs associated with that. I am not so free as to "contribute" my money. I believe now, more than ever, when I am asked to help with a benefit run, it is important to know all the circumstances leading up to the cause for which the run is held. Where are the proceeds going? Putting on a run used to be exciting and fun. Anymore, I find them to be exhausting, costly, and not so much fun. Do we put a run together for "just anybody" that someone feels is a good cause? Are we putting runs together just so people get out and spend a lot of money to ride?
What happened to the "fun runs"? In the last two years I have ridden on a total of 2 "fun runs". I don't know about you guys but I like to ride just to get out and ride, not ride because I feel obligated to.


  1. rick miller's Avatar
    I hear ya, I know on the last run I spent alot of cash, but then I always do. My wife and I go on all we can, that means most of them and most of the time the runs are short rides. It would be great to ride just to ride. I do get to now and then. AND it feels SOOOOO GOOD. I think people forgot the part that a run is our way of life and the fun part of it is what we live for. If you find a fun run let me know, I forgot what they were.
  2. thebighop's Avatar
    I agree JR...
    And in the past couple of years I have taken that same exact attitude...
    The result is... I volunteer to help organize far fewer rides than I have in the past.
    I started looking into where the money goes, and found in a lot of cases...over half went to the promoters or venues....
    As a RC for a CMA chapter, I get involved with a lot of fund raisers and charity events...It's not easy to balance the time it takes to do that and the time needed to have a life too...so something had to give.
    I do less events...maybe 3 a month instead of two every week-end.
    I organize chapter rides like our up-coming Fall Color Tour, where a bunch of us from the chapter and just anyone that wants to tag along takes a jaunt up to Northern Michigan to take in the fall colors. Some of those rides are over nighters , some longer.
    If every time I get on my scoot for a ride...it turns out to be work, what's the point? I love to ride with no destination...a lot like AleyKat does..just point the front tire and go...getting tied up in all the different runs I was doing didn't allow me much time to do that...and ya gotta keep in mind that up here we don't get to ride year round...you could, but putting the chains on the rear tire and mounting the ski on the forks is a lot more work than organizing another charity ride...so I like to get as many fun rides in as possible...
    Here's a solution to your situation....
    Come on up to Mich next summer, and I will lead you on a great pleasure ride that you're sure to enjoy...it can be as long or as short as you care to take...
  3. rick miller's Avatar
    I have to agree,but who is going to be there for the next person who needs us? We took on this life, no one made us do it. you live it or you do not. Who will be there for you if not us. We bitch and and we are there. Thats hows it is. If you do not like it get out of it, but , we will not forget you, and will be there when you need us. Will you turn down the dollars we make for you? I do not think so. I know at times seem hard and we want to stop, but we are brothers and sisters of the same mold. I know it is hard to give and not get back, but we do to others as we would like done for us Just think it could be you, would you help then?


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