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Yes I did it, I came to the dark side

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Well, after years of harrassment from my riding buddies I broke down and bought a Harley Friday. It is a 69 FLC Sportster. It needs a little work but what the hell, I virtually stole it. Fortunately I have an ironhead expert amongst my circle of friends. He has assured me he will set it up so it is not a 30 kicker. Yes it is old school, no electric start, oh joy. My plans are still to own a new Trumpet sometime this coming year, which after that is done will mean that I will have 5 bikes in my stable. The carb that is on the Sporty is worth what I paid for the entire bike at least. I am changing seats as the seat is not the right one for the scoot. Going to put a solo seat on it. And I am changing gas tanks. It has the original 2.2 gallon tank on it and I would like to be able to ride farther than Clermont before I have to put gas back in it. Well, maybe now that I have joined the dark army I will not suffer the scorn of everyone because of my rice burners.


  1. aja's Avatar
    You will always be scorned. Puh-leese. It doesn't matter what kind of bike YOU have.


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