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Rider Info Growth

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by , 08-30-2007 at 12:53 PM (40865 Views)
Lately we have been busy providing articles and photos to enhance Rider Info and give the members something new to see often.

However, while we were doing that, the server, the place the Rider Info web site lives, got too busy. We didn't catch it soon enough and it caused a lot of times where RI was too slow or unavailable completely.

Growing pains. We didn't see that coming. We had hoped for it, but thought we were ready for it. We got more then we were ready for.

So, when we caught it, we went into action. We got a new bigger better server and the engineers tuned it for us.

So, RI is responsive again and we have that room for growth we need. We have more tools to make sure if it happens too fast again, we can catch it in time so no problems occur. We also are still looking at things and tuning more as necessary.

The e mailer is the problem now, but we have an engineer on that too. So thanks for being patient.

We have added the the Rider Info Member Blogs too to enhance RI. If you have something to say and you want your own space, start an RI blog.

If you are a member, thank you for hanging in there while we sort this out.

If you have visited in the past, please have a look around again. We would like to hear from you as a member.


  1. thebighop's Avatar
    Good Job FX.....now quit patting yer self on the back and get back to work.....
    And ya'll thought I was a just a chronic complainer...
    I knew something was wrong, because RI was just running way slow, even by AOL standards...
    But , you drug yer selves up by the boot straps and tackled it head on...
    Thanks for the fix....
  2. aja's Avatar
    Updated 09-03-2007 at 09:31 PM by aja (I couldn't delete it.)
  3. chesshirecat's Avatar
    Yup, FX...get ready...cuz if I have things go my way, your gonna see more growth...a bit sooner.
    I like how things run here, and I'm gonna be telling some good people about this house...
  4. FX's Avatar
    Thanks Chessie!

    We'll have a better blog interface and a social networking system soon with friend groups and stuff.

    Appreciate you telling folks about us.


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