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Thank you all at Barbies run

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Man what a great day to ride. First I just want to say how much you all did yesterday for Barbie's benefit ! Alot of people put the biker community down and we have all heard it. But I can say from many years of ridding with the hard core and enthusiasts alike, that we are the most careing giving group of people I have ever known. Well done once again ! I don't have all the figures yet but when I get them I will post it. I want to give a special shout out to FX for hobbling in to take alot of pics, And to Rick & Diane for helping as much as they did, thanks guys. We had a great turn out without much drama except for a missed turn or two all went well. The food was plentiful and so good. Thanks to all who contributed and worked so hard to make us such a good meal. Thank you all again from one proud biker, Walt


  1. FX's Avatar
    Thanks BamBam. We had a good time and did take a lot of pictures. I'll get the pictures we took and that Rick and Diane took posted by tomorrow hopefully.

    Thanks for a good time. It was good to see old friends over there in Sumter County and see the great support for Barb everyone showed.


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