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Make Sure You Get Your RiderInfo EMail

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Some free email accounts want to block our forum email notifications and news letters from coming to you through them. Worse, they want to charge us to send them to you.

If you are forced to use a free email account, please help us get our Rider Info Email Notifications and NewsLetters through to you. Please add us to you contact list today!

If you require email verification in your email to receive our email, we must be in your approved to send email list. Please add us to you approved sender list today!

To make sure you receive your Rider Info Email, please go to your email account on file with us at Rider Info and add the two following email addresses to your contacts list and your list of contacts approved to send you email.

We want to be sure you receive email information from Rider Info in a timely manner as you expect. Thank you for your help.




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