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Valence Shell Breaks into the Music Scene

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by , 08-30-2009 at 11:08 AM (50019 Views)
I checked out the Valence Shell show last Friday night. We got to hear some well done covers of Led Zeppelin, Rush, Pink Floyd and other great rock and roll bands of past. The band performed original music as well which was very tasty.

The band consists of four members. The Singer played some bass and sang. The bass player, when the singer had his bass, played keyboards. The guitarist and drummer stuck to their gigs.

The performance was good and only the second time Valence Shell performed live.

If you get a chance, check out Valence Shell. They're a loud old fashioned rock show.

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  1. WebTechdg's Avatar
    Yes this band is really rocking Central Florida. My Favorite song in "The Watcher." My web design company just began setting up The Official website for Valance Shell at www.ValenceShell.com/ so check it out and you can watch videos (The Watcher is on the front page) and find out about upcoming show dates to see Valence Shell Live.
  2. sportycat's Avatar
    I know that singer can throw a few back. Seen them one time already up in Leesburg. They're pretty good at some of the old stuff which I like. Tried to get em to play a little blues around Mardi Gras but was told if ya want to hear blues, then ya should go to New Orleans as we're not that type of music. Oh yea, what was that other thing he said, noone knew one of the songs they played. Well you know, I knew the song but the name escaped me at the time so little Charlie says, that's right, I forgot I'm in Lake County, Does anyone know what a John Deere is? LOL. But if ya like Pink Floyd and Pink Floyd a lot, he's your man. Back in the day when I listened to Floyd, I had a little help with my mood if you know what I mean? But from what I remember, this band does do them well. Charlie is definately a show boat and has all the natural arrogance of a real Star. You just got to see them at least once.



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