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Thanks for a successful 2009 Tri-County Toy Run

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by , 11-22-2009 at 11:31 AM (26694 Views)
The 2009 Tri County Toy Run run was a huge success. We had a very nice crowd of folks on the parade from the Margarita Republic Caribbean Grill & Bar and at the party after the parade at the County Line bar.

Donations for the Heaven exceeded expectations and your support is going give many women, children and families of The Haven and Kids Central Inc. relative caregiver program a Christmas many of them may not have had.

Shaky Puddin' performed with Guest Stars the BFFs and a we rocked out to a special appearance by VocalDrop. The entertainment was really appreciated and the crowd showed it by getting out there and dancing and at the end of the show by shouting out for one more song several times.

Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this event off. We had help from so many folks that we could not have done this without.

Diane really pulled us all together and Rick helped us all keep our sanity.

J.C Penny kicked off the fund raising with a very generous donation of $1000.00 directly to the Haven which will certainly go a long way. Big thanks go to the Barbara Bradley of the Leesburg store and the directors of the J.C. Penny Company Fund for their support. You are truely appreciated. We also appreciate Don Henry for putting us in touch with Barbara and getting this in motion for the event.

Skip from the American Legion 219 in Leesburg managed the parade and provided coordination with the Lake County Sheriff's Office to keep us safe on the parade route. The parade was exciting and displayed the support of the community motorcyclists for a worthy cause. Most importantly, thanks to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, we had a safe parade.

Thank you to the riders from the U.S. Military Vets who dropped off toys for the kids and rode the parade in support. We know you have busy schedules and we appreciated the time you took to come by and join us. Thanks to Nasty for his help with the PA and the very generous donations to the auction. The U.S Military Vets could not have been more generous. Thank you!

The folks at the County Line provided the means for us to have the party and a place to cook and serve a delicious meal of pulled pork prepared by Gumbo with help from Sandy. Ann, Diane, Michelle, Bucket, Cassie, Sandy and Heidi were on hand to help serve the food.

Heidi, Diane and Claire took care of the raffle tables. We're pretty sure that everyone who participated won a prize.

The Jimmy Sparks Band donated their first three CDs for the raffle and we are grateful for them sharing the music with us. Many folks won some rockin' jams in the raffle.

Thanks to Valerie of RideNow Magazine. She too had a busy schedule, but made time to come up from Tampa to make a donation to help out with the raffles.

Ike came by and played the role of the riding Santa in the parade and Mary shot a cool video of the parade on the hill in Frutiland Park we will have on Youtube. The video was a nice surprise. Thanks, Mary.

Finally, thank you to everyone that came out and rode with us and joined the party after the parade. Your support will give the folks at the Heaven and Kids Central a wonderful Christmas.

Here are more details on 2009 Tri County Toy Run.

Ride safe!

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