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Bonnies Benefit Poker Run

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We want to thank you all for a great day and a very heart felt out pouring of frienship and suport for a friend in need. It was a sunny day and alot of bikes & cars were on the run. The total raised on the run was right at $2,000 dollars. We guestamate a little over 100 bikes showed up. Thank all of you for the donations for the raffle and auction. Thanks to all the bars and to Rider Info for posting the flyer, it helped to make a very good day for Bonnie.
Special thanks to Ike & Ridge Runner for the MC job and adult games. Bonnie made all of our day when she tried to thank everyone and just broke down in tears. We love you Bonnie and Gods speed in your recovery.


  1. rick miller's Avatar
    I just got all the bugs out of my computer so now I can post the pictures I took at the run


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