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Rider Info Forum Rules

Welcome to Rider Info. We are glad you have chosen to be a part of the RiderInfo.com motorcycle community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

We have a few rules that you should know about in regard to advertising and how to treat others on the RiderInfo.com site. Please read them and act accordingly. Please also note that these rules may be added to, change, or be updated at any time.

Please do not post links to your business or website. While we understand linking is the point of the internet, we do have advertising you can buy to promote your business or website on RiderInfo.com. You can already see the value in RiderInfo.com if you have taken the time to register and intend to drop a link. Instead, contact us for details on how to promote your business or website through RiderInfo.com. Advertising posts and or comments made on RiderInfo.com will be removed from the site and your member account may be terminated for inappropriate linking in comments or posts as we see fit.

For the most part the RiderInfo.com community is open for you to blog, post forum comments, and pictures freely. However, we do hope that you will use good taste and judgment in the language you use and the pictures you post or display.

Please do not attack other members personally.

We reserve the right to terminate the member account of anyone who we deem to have broken the rules as we interpret them at any time and without warning.

Have fun and enjoy the ride.

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