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Thread: new member and question

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    new member and question

    Hey guys I am new to this site and motorcycles in general. I just bought a honda GB500 bike because I love the cafe racer look and that was the only thing affordable. I have been trying to learn on my own and I am 23. I was in 3rd gear today and tried to downshift to 2nd, all of a sudden my back tire went into a full skid and luckily I just came to a stop. I was wondering what I may have done wrong. I don't know much about manuals and downshifting seems to be my problem area. This felt kind of dangerous so I want to make sure I don't do this again. If anyone has any suggestions please help me out. Thanks so much guys.

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    Common thing for new riders. What happens is you are cruising along at the proper RPM for the current gear you are in. When you downshift, the RPMs increase, meaning the motor goes faster. But to make the motor go faster, you add gas and air. When we downshift, we are usually off the throttle.

    Well the back wheel is going to have to bring the motor up to speed when we are not on the throttle.

    Unfortunatly, the motor offers alot of resistance and works like a brake. It is resisting the speed because of compression and you slow down, suddenly!

    In some cases, as yours, there is not enough friction at the tire road contact patch to over come the resistence of the motor and the wheel just locks up and skids.

    Sudden stopping with skidding == not good!

    So, practice going slow and running the gears up and then down. But when you downshift, make sure you have allowed some speed to come off and thus the RPM's going down.

    Try this at safe speeds and RPMs to get the feel. As you practice, it will become second nature after a downshift when it's ok to let the clutch out on your bike.
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    Thanks a lot for posting a reply. I think i kind of understand, but my question is do I let the rpm's go down when the clutch is in or do I slow down by braking then pull the clutch in and downshift to second. I want to make sure this doesn't happen again cause i skidded like 10 feet and almost dropped my bike. Could this same thing happen from 4 to 3rd gear or even from 5th to 4th. Thanks for your time.

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    Welcome Todd!

    I would highly recommend taking a motorcycle safety course. Your local community probably offers one. It's invaluable to new riders!

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