This forum will be heavily moderated.

If you have a good experience, great, tell us about it. Others will appreciate the information since it seems quality dealers are harder and harder to find.

If you have had a bad experience tell us too to warn others to avoid that dealer. Dealers need you to stay in business. Your experience, if explained properly, can help other members get good service and convince dealers to treat us right if they want repeat business or new customers.

Do not come in here and post that dealer A sucks and dealer B is great. If you had a bad experience, explain it. This is not a forum to curse out the dealers because you have an issue with them, it's to get their attention to remedy the situation which is in their best interest to get repeat business and new customers.

Dealers, you may reply to posts regarding anything that is posted about you. However, this is not an advertising forum. Post about your dealership to promote yourself will be promptly removed! Paid advertising is available and we would appreciate your support.

We carry alot of weight on the internet, that can work for or against dealers. We will try to be responsible, however is not responsible for members opinions.