Can you beleive these idiots? These are the dumbasses we must defeat!

ALERT: You might remember that a couple of weeks ago,
we told you about an upcoming new movie, showing the
horrors that could hit America, and the world, should
one major disaster come to pass.

No, we weren't talking about the election of John Kerry,
as horrifying a thought as that may be. We were talking
about "The Day After Tomorrow."

This movie purports to show the inevitable result of
"abrupt climate change" caused by humanity's technological
society. From global warming, massive tornadoes and giant
hail storms, to a "new ice age" -- Henny Penny, the sky
is falling, it's OUR fault, and we can't stop it!

Well, actually, according to the loony leftists at, there IS one way to stop it: they say we need
to demand that Congress pass their latest effort to push
socialism in environmental clothing... the "Climate
Stewardship Act" (S. 139 & H.R. 4067), a comprehensive
national policy for cutting "greenhouse gas emissions"
in the U.S.

Only one problem: this bill, like the fictional movie
above, is based on faulty science, and would CRIPPLE our
economy. Even the government's Energy Information
Administration (EIA) found that the impact of this Act
on the economy would be far-reaching. As a result of
price increases, the average household's energy bill
would increase by $444 per year by 2025; and real
disposable income would drop by almost 1 percent per
person by 2011 from what would have been the case, and
would take fifteen years to recover to levels it would
have reached if this legislation weren't passed into law.

By 2025, the average person will have lost almost $2,500
as a result of the proposal. The effect on GDP is even
more startling, with the nation losing $507 BILLION in
real terms over the next twenty-one years. By 2025, the
country's GDP will be $106 billion lower in real terms
than would have been the case without the "Climate
Stewardship Act".

As the Competitive Enterprise Institute ( noted
in its discussion of these bills, the America that these
environmental wackos want us to live in "is a poorer
country in every sense of the word. People will lose
thousands of dollars of income they could use to help
their households, travel less, and may even lose their
jobs. Environmentalists who think this is a fair price
to pay for their unproven theory that global warming
will endanger us might also reflect that the EIA
estimates that nuclear power generation will increase
by 50 percent."

On the other hand, if current trends persist,
technological progress will have REDUCED "greenhouse"
emissions per unit of GDP by 55 percent from 1990 levels
by 2025 -- WITHOUT implementing any draconian socialistic
legislative schemes. Doesn't it seem wiser to continue
along this path, rather than crippling our economy and
putting thousands out of work?

TAKE ACTION: In October of last year, the Senate came
dangerously close to passing this socialistic bill. Now,
groups like are getting their members to
demand that Congress and the President push this
legislation through. They even asked their people to hand
out flyers full of those same enviro-myths, in front of
movie theaters where "The Day After Tomorrow" was playing.

Well, we fought back to keep these LIES from being passed
off as truth. We told our members how they could download
OUR flyer, which you can print out and hand to moviegoers,
friends, relatives, etc. This flyer exposes the lies of
the environmental left, and points people to websites where
they can learn the TRUTH -- and take action themselves.
THOUSANDS of our members downloaded the flyer for
distribution! (You can still download the flyer here: )

But we still need to stop this socialistic legislation that and their ilk are pushing. PLEASE, go to our
website below to send a FREE message to President Bush,
your Senators, and your Representative in Congress, telling
them to vote NO on the "Climate Stewardship Act":

NOTE: Be sure to forward this e-mail to everyone you know
who wants to STOP the radical left-wing environmentalists
from crippling our economy with legislation based on faulty
science. Thank you!