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Thread: Looking For some Information

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    Question Looking For some Information

    Hello, this is my first post here. I have riden a few bikes in the past but dont know much about them. just surfing around on ebay and i saw quite a few of these bikes. can anyone give me some insite on them? i realize the engine size is small 200 cc as compared to the 600 + that most people on here probably have. But can you give me the low down on this. is it a normal size bike or moreso a toy size. like i said i dont really know anything about bikes, im just looking for information and maybe a few opinions but mostly just information. Thanks everyone!


    basically im asking why the price tag is so low.
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    Well, I have to admit that this is all new to me as well. I've never seen such a "deal" on ebay. It would appear that Lucky 7 Motorsports is bringing a lot to the party with this little bike.

    I don't know if you noticed this or not but the bike is made in China by Chongqing Lifan. I've never heard of them but that doesn't mean that they aren't any good. They might make an excellent product but darned if I'd know where a man would ever get parts or repairs done. So it might be a case of running it until it breaks and then jury rigging it from there on.

    Also, at 200cc, it's certainly NOT the sportbike that it has been gussied up to look like. And since it's impossible to judge the actual size from the photos, my honest guess would be that it's nothing but a scooter (miniwheels and all) with a super bike appearance. From that viewpoint, the $1500 price combined with another $200 shipping looks more in line with what one would expect to pay for a brand new no name Chinese scooter. And too, how could you really charge a lot for a Chinese no name anything until it gathers a market following?

    Still, it IS cool looking. BTW, have you seen THIS website?


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    This bike might be fun to play around on. It's twice the cc as my old Hodaka and I had a ball with that bike as a 15 year old.

    Engine 200cc Single Cylinder Air Cooled 4 Stroke
    Transmission 5 Speed Manual Hand Clutch
    Displacement 196.9cc
    Start Electric Start/Kick Start
    Bore & Stroke 63.5mm x 62.2mm
    Dimensions(LxWxH) 79.3" x 29.3" x 44.5"
    Wheel Base 81"
    Ground Clearance 8"
    Seat Height 32"
    Foot Peg to Seat Height 19"
    Handle Bar Height 40"
    Turning Radius 41
    Fuel Tank Capacity 13 liters
    Oil Capacity 1.1 liters
    Dry Weight 284 lbs
    Weight Capacity 330 lbs
    Top Speed 75+mph depending on the weight of the rider
    Tire Front
    Brake Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    Rear Dual Drum Brake
    Included Operators/Service/Electrical Diagram Manual & Tool kit
    Assembly You must assemble front wheel and axle - Raise and tighten your handle bars

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    China has some pretty harsh regulations when it comes to motorcycles. They are banned in "populated" (read everywhere) areas, and where they are allowd (rural areas) they are limited in size to 200cc. That's why you're seeing these faux cruisers and faux sport bikes that look really hot, but have extremely small engines. The Chinese market is demanding nice bikes, but the laws are forcing the designs to be built around the tiny engines.
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