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Thread: Urban Legend or Fact?

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    Urban Legend or Fact?

    You guys have all heard the guy, the one that is dressed like a biker and "used" to have a bike, who tells you all about the time he was thrown head first right over the handlebars while kicking his hog. Now I'm not a big guy, about 145 soaking wet, and I've kicked all kinds of big twins and singles and this has never come close to happening to me. Nor in 40 years of riding have I ever seen it happen to anyone. I've always doubted this story cause the same guy is usually telling me about his buddy's "67 Panhead", or dropping names of famous bikers in jail and talking about what great friends they are. Let's be honest now...has anyone here ever been "thrown clear over the bars" or seen it happen? Let me know cause I'm not one to call bullshit on anyone's story, but I really doubt that this one has ever happened.

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    Post Here's one for you.....

    Never seen anyone thrown, but there was a guy at the Local bike shop "M&M Custom" on Bragg Blvd, broke his leg trying to kick start his just restored bike.

    Thankfully he did the work himself, as my bike was in the shop getting the head redone - thank goodness for the lectric start!!!

    So I guess its possible...........

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    Never over the bars , but certainly up a few inches . Just like fishin stories , the bs gets deeper every telling

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