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Thread: Woulda, coulda, shoulda

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    Woulda, coulda, shoulda

    What do I know about a BMW? Enough to get in big mechanical trouble and enough to stay out of trouble. I ride a 1982 Honda CB900C it is an inline aircooled 4 cylender. Last night there sat a BMW motorcycle, water cooled, '90's something, inline four, crank on one side, head on the otherside, fuel injected, I have a mental block on what model it was, it looked good to go. There sat the owner on the guard rail so I stopped to see if I could help.

    It was the fuel pump, not any fuse. He said he had already called someone from "BMW anonymous" I had never heard of that. The woman who answered said that her husband was in Iraq. The guy that was broke down offered to call the next person on the list. She said she would be there, all the way from Elizabethtown to Central City plus two miles back in two hours. All this happened before I saw the BMW guy broke down.

    So I hung around to help push the BMW up into the back of the silver Nissan Frontier pickup truck. Sure enough she had a good ramp and four brand new toggle straps. It wasn't that much trouble to strap in secure. I should have told them about Orville Green's Motorcycle Salvage in Millville. I can't make any promices on Orville's behalf, it was after hours.
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    So why did no one else stop? Lots of Official State Vehicles (speeding), Sherrifs, and road maintence trucks (they would wave).
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    No one stops anymore..............

    Quote Originally Posted by c.crawford View Post
    So why did no one else stop? Lots of Official State Vehicles (speeding), Sherrifs, and road maintence trucks (they would wave).
    They are all afraid that it is a setup as portrayed on numerous "Who done it" shows. Could be a mugger, rapist or a murderer. I always stop unless I have my 7 year old son with me. Of course I am always armed to. It is a sad state of affairs in this country.

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    i never see any bikers broke down on the road but what i do see is alot of nice bikes for sale on the side of the road.to much for me tho.

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