Bounty Hunter Benefit, Aug 4th Inglis, Fl

Bounty Hunter Benefit Aug 4th
On November 11, 2001, Lives were taken and changed forever.

A Biker and his Fiancé were heading north on US 19, heading home from a Veterans Day Event on their Harley. Bev and Brian Willis were celebrating Bevs 20 years of Air Force Service.

A drunk driver followed by 2 more cars full of drunk drivers were heading north too. Being so drunk they could not see Brian and Bev heading north on the same road in the same lane as them. They ran into them from behind. Knocking them off their Harley, sending them sliding around on the also to be run over 3 times by cars and trucks.

Both Bev and Brian were seriously injured, obviously. Bev survived the accident with one leg being gone and the other so badly damaged that a prosthetic is not even an option. Putting her in a wheelchair for life.

Unfortunately, Brian lay in the hospital, painfully struggling for his life for 5 weeks. Eventually giving in to the injuries, he passed away.

The drunken asshole after running from the scene, took his truck home. Disassembled the damaged parts and buried them in his back yard, trying to commit the perfect murder. Witnesses gave enough of a description that the local police found him. They arrested him and he was given a bond. Imagine that, a killer ran once. They gave him the opportunity to do it again.

His P.O.S. parents bonded him out, and set him up with enough money to hall ass again. He ran to California. Got caught there and was again released. Because he was not found quilty, yet. The State of Florida considers this a traffic infraction until he is found guilty. They wouldn't extradite for a traffic infraction, even though a death and disablement was involved.

This A-hole got word that Dog the Bounty Hunter was after him. He then packed up again and went to Mexico. At that time extradition was not allowed from Mexico, that Dog learned the hard way. He got arrested once trying. Now extradition is legal from Mexico. So now we can go get him.

The State of Florida still won't go after him because to them it is still just a traffic infraction. A Local Bounty Hunter knows where he is. Wants to go get him so he can pay for all the pain and suffering he has caused. There are expenses involved with this though. That is what this benefit is about. We need the money to get this done.

Brian Willis's death will not be replaced; Bevs legs will not grow back. Nothing will be as it was before. Ever. But we can make him pay the price for his carelessness.

This benefit will be huge. Please get involved with this one. We can send a message to all the drunken drivers out there. If we can find you we will make you pay. Very rarely we can find a hit and run driver. They get away with it. This is our chance to make one that got found pay. Please be part of it.

Now here's part 2

A twist on the story of the Bounty Hunter Benefit

I was returning a comment on Biker Worlds to jjgirl, about a couple of her friends that were hit. Nothing was done really, no real mention of it, no real concern.

Don't take this wrong, I love the "Little old Ladies" out there. They are just an example.

Say one of those sweet little old ladies , after shopping. Instead of taking a taxi home from the grocery store. Saw that it was a beautiful day, wanted to feel the wind in their hair, the sun on there face. So they decided to push their little basket home, to have one of her neighbor kids to return it later for a couple of bucks.

She starts off across the parking lot, enjoying the cool breeze in her hair, the sounds of activity all around her. She approaches the street. Looks both ways, then starts across to enjoy the road home. Then, WHAM, an idiot comes flying around the corner. Runs her over, then keeps going. Leaving her lying in the road to die like a bird that bounced off their windshield. She lays there struggling to breath on the hot road. Then gives in to her injuries.

While she is doing that, the idiot that hit her is driving down the road, even faster now. Trying to figure out how to prove he didn't do it. How to hide the damage and get away with it.

Everyone driving by, would stop, help, follow. Anything they could do, so they could sleep at night and make him pay for that inhumane act.

What do you think would happen then?

The police, would have every officer on duty running around frantically. Canvasing the area, taking statements, checking garages. Asking the FBI to help. Whatever it took to make that idiot pay for what he did to that "Sweet Little Old Lady"

Every news station in the United States would be pushing, begging for info to catch the idiot that did it. Not just for justice, but to be the station that helped catch him.

Now, pretend that was a biker, crossing the same road, hit by the same idiot. What do you think would happen then?

The police would show up, only to find a couple of people stopped. Cover the Biker up with a blanket. Call the EMS. They would drive up, look at him. Say there's another organ donor. I have personally heard nurses call biker organ donors. Thinking it's funny. They knew I didn't.

You would hear about it on your local news. A brief description about what happened. No other stations, counties or states, would even hear about it. The police would ask the two witnesses that stopped, what the vehicle looked like, which way did it head. They would then sit in their Air conditioned car and write up the report for an hour. Drive it to the station and put it in a filing cabinet, in case they stumbled across the idiot that did this.

That would be the end of it.

The poor girl in New York, she was killed by a hit and run driver. I heard about it on my space. No where else. They never caught this idiot. If they really wanted to, they would.

This is what makes the Bounty Hunter Benefit so important. We know where this idiot is hiding. Going on like nothing ever happened. Bitching that he had to move away from his friends and family because of that damn biker.

We have to get this guy. We owe it to the victims of the idiot got away. We owe them that. There this idiot sits. Thinking he's safe. The State of Florida won't come get him. Let's get him. Let's make him pay, send a message it's not alright to run one of us down and run. We will find you, and make you pay.

It doesn't matter where you live, what you do, how much money you have. Everyone can make a difference. Just sit and think, How can I help catch this guy?

The little old lady story is very, very sad. It made my eyes water typing it. But, my eyes kept watering when I changed it to the Biker being the one.

I want to make a difference, I want to help get this guy. I want to stand in front of the "Ship of Memories" and touch Brian's
name welded on there. I want to be able to say we got that idiot, this one didn't get away.

Rest in Peace.