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Thread: DUI, felony hit-and-run

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    DUI, felony hit-and-run

    Man, 24, facing charges of DUI, felony hit-and-run
    POWAY: A 24-year-old suspected drunken driver who hit a motorcyclist and drove away surrendered to authorities and was arrested Sunday night.
    The motorcyclist was turning east from Twin Peaks Road at Kent Hill Way about 8:45 p.m when he was broadsided by a man in a Chevrolet truck, the Sheriff's Department said.
    A license plate fell off the truck, the sheriff's department said.
    The driver turned himself in about an hour later and faces charges of felony hit-and-run and driving under the influence. The motorcyclist was hospitalized. D.F.B.
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    Ride it like you borrowed a license



    A motorcyclist is lucky to be alive Monday morning after an accident split his motorcycle in two and left him on the side of the Palmetto Expressway suffering from what Lt. Pat Santangelo of the Florida Highway Patrol referred to as ``bangs and bruises.''
    The accident happened at 8:08 a.m.
    Jorge Lorenzo, 22, was in the northbound lanes of the Palmetto Expressway (State Road 826) just north of Kendall Drive. Witnesses told the FHP the rider, atop his 2002 Suzuki motorcycle, was speeding and weaving through lanes in rush hour traffic. He crashed into the right rear of a 1988 GMC truck driven by Joaquin Soto, 35, of Miami.
    The impact split the motorcycle in two between the handlebars and the gas tank.
    Lorenzo was ejected from the bike and landed on the entrance ramp of Kendall Drive.
    A dump truck was coming down the ramp. That driver ended up skidding about 50 feet. He cut his wheel and narrowly missed Lorenzo, then crashed into the guard rail.
    The dump truck was struck by another vehicle and took out an aluminum light pole.
    Authorities said Lorenzo did not have a driver's license and told authorities he did not think he needed one.
    The license plate on the bike came back registered to a different person. It is unknown what the relationship between the two is, if any.
    He was taken to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital with a broken hand and some skin scraped off.
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    Similar thing happened to a friend of ours. Loaned his bike out to rider that had no license. The guy is an irresponsible dumba$$ and got the bike impounded an hour later. I told him they were equally guilty because the bike was loaned with full knowlege that there was no license.

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