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Thread: Big bore Xl1200

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    Big bore Xl1200

    Im thinking of installing an Axtel 1450cc kit in my 06 Sportster.Has anybody done this,its a large project,I'm looking for some input thanks.

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    Is it top end work only or do you have to get into the cases? I'll venture into top end work, but always have a backup plan in place if I get in too deep. I'd take it to a qualified tech if I needed bottom end work though likely.

    Got a link to the kit parts?

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    No, it's more than just top end work. You have to split the cases because they need to be bored to be able to insert the 3 13/16 inch jugs. What you wind up with is a pretty much square engine.

    You can read a great deal about big bore Sportsters at NRHS http://www.nrhsperformance.com/ekitsportster.shtml

    Lots of goodies from these folks. I've kicked the idea around a couple of times too. You can read some more from the tech section at sportster.org site

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    I know two people who have done Axtel kits, and both have had issues. From base gasket sealing issues to pulled cylinder bolts. One kit failure was blamed on poor machining, the other was blamed on the kit. I know that Axtel is a well respected name in Big Bore kits though.

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    This kit requires the engine to be disassembled and the cases to be bored


    Check the (motorcycle) grave yards and insurance auctions. Basket case engines can be had and made good. Build your engine up adjunct. Ride your sportster every day until you put the big bore engine in and ride it some more. Get yourself the Harley Davidson shop manual and off brand like Clymers. Read them until you can spot their mistakes.
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    Thanks everyone.I do know that I have to bore the cases,and I do ride my XL every day(63,000 Kms/23months).

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    Let me throw out one more suggestion, lately I've been giving more and more consideration to NRHS's 1250 kit, using their heads, ignition and cams. From many articles I've read you can pull a bunch of horse power and torque by some cams and head work.

    This kit, as I understand, does not require anything more than top end replacement. This may be a better bang for the buck for a street bike.

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