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Thread: "Smart Riding Tactics: street survival tips"

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    "Smart Riding Tactics: street survival tips"

    "Smart Riding Tactics: street survival tips"


    Hi all, here's the first installment of a series I wrote for my new riders school (not here to promote it and wont even mention it here)
    This series is geared towards newer riders in hopes of passing on the things I've learned over a few decades of sportriding. Hopefully the more advanced riders can gain something or hone their tactics as well. I'll start out with the basics and progressively get more indepth.

    It's worth sharing with the forum if it keeps even just 1 fellow rider from becoming a hood ornament.

    Ride smart all

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    Very Active Member Seaman_Staines's Avatar
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    Some good tips there that will benefit not only novice riders, but even experienced riders.

    This tip:- "Helmet, leather jacket, leather pants, gloves and boots should be worn at all times. An added bonus is that riders wearing full gear gain more respect from "local authorities" certainly rings true :-)

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    thank you for the info !

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