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Thread: helmet for safety??

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    helmet for safety??

    Helmet is an important gear for safety and protection while on the road and I know that a helmet could just let me walk away from an accident alive. I do not like my Z1R helmet, it makes me uncomfortable inside and I cannot stand the noise. I can't hear clearly.

    So anyone have suggestion for a great helmet? I want opposite of my current. I want ventilated one for this hot season and will reduce the noise.

    So can anyone help me fint the right one? You can share you experiences with your helmet.

    Replies would be highly appreciated.

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    After many years, I settled on a half helmet (defintely DOT). IMHO, it gives some level of protection while not impairing your peripheral vision. I wore a full helmet exclusively for years but got tired of the heat, weight, and side vision blocking (although I still wear one when taking long-distance rides). One piece of advice, try them on before you buy (i.e. don't buy over the internet w/o trying one on first); the size ratings seem to be all over the place (one Co.'s medium is another's large).
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    I agree, go to stores and try them on.
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    Try them all in local stores before buying any online. The one that fits perfectly on my head is the right one for me.

    Can you suggest any great helmet brand?

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    I went to JP Cycles in Daytona. I picked a type and found what fit. I didn't really pay attention to name brand. I did turn down some that seemed cheaply made though. I had been to about 4 helmet stores and to JP twice before I brought mine.
    "What does it mean to you? For me, it's something I just do."

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    If you are over in Daytona check out Choppers IRRC on Main Street. They carry a brand of helmets called Daytona. They are some of the lightest DOT Approved Helmets that I have found and these are what the Wife and I wear when we are on two wheels. I have found that a lot of venders sell them also.
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    @ ALL

    Do you know any on line stores where I can buy this kind of helmet? I wanted to have a full face helmet.

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    Helmets are good. Folks should be able to ride with or without one - they are adults after all - but to go 80 without one is silly.

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