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  1. New LED Lights on 1991 FXRS


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      I went over to Millers looking for some more light for the back of my motorcycle and I found an Arlen Ness license plate frame with LED lights for the tail light, the brake light and clear light for the license plate.

      The frame is real nice, no hardware shows on the face of the license plate, the fastening screws are on the back of the frame. The frame is a nice solid piece of metal. While it's listed as billet in some ads, it may be just cast though. But it is really thick and heavy.

      The tail and brake light are an addition in the day and you can see them. But the big show comes in the dark from the white LEDs for the plate. They give off such a great white light you can't help but notice it. The yellow from the standard 1157 becomes obvious with both lit. The red is very good at night too.

      Next I want a new xenon head lamp and a brighter whiter tail light.
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      Arlen Ness License Plate Frame on FXRS with LED lights lit Stock photo of Arlen Ness License Plate Frame with LED lights LED light wiring through motorcycle fender Back of motorcycle with LED lights on license plate frame LED light wiring behind license plate frame LED light wiring under motorcycle fender Gag headlight front view Gag headlight rear view Arlen Ness LED lights lit
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      Member: FX
      Created: 04-08-2008 11:55 AM
      Last Modified: 04-08-2008 12:24 PM
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