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iron-eater’s Motorcycle RiderInfo Photo Gallery

  1. 2002 harley sportster custom

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      This bike started as a 883. Bought it brand new. I have removed all the blinkers and painted all the stuff harley thought should be black. Added some chrome and lowered the back. On the 883 - 1200 conversion, I wanted a little more than a stock 1200. Here are the mods: 1200 front sprocket, X1 Buell heads, X1 Buell pistons, SE cams, SE fully adjustable ignition, SE coil, modified 40mm carb(soon to be replaced by a 42mm), forcewinder ram air, polished intake, bassani pro street pipes, z rated rear tire, and a tach to manage the RPM`s. Dyno tuned and a result of 83HP and 82TQ (will get more hp with new carb)
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      2002 harley sportster custom - Photo 18 2002 harley sportster custom - Photo 19
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      Member: iron-eater
      Created: 06-07-2004 02:27 PM
      Last Modified: 06-07-2004 02:27 PM
      Views: 1723
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      Comments: 7
      Author Comment Date
      jrbooe Nice bike 03-07-2005
      riggs77 Love the color looks like a real badass 06-10-2004
      radar_indy Great looking bike and super performance. 06-09-2004
      smeg That's a nice bike. Great dyno run too! 06-07-2004
      iron-eater wow figured it out, here are my pics thanks for the help!! 06-07-2004
      iron-eater I`ll add a picture as soon as i get a way to make my pics smaller 06-07-2004
      smeg Sounds like a screamer. Nice! 06-07-2004
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