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Ta2d2x2’s Motorcycle RiderInfo Photo Gallery

  1. 2005 Triumph Rocket III

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    2. Description
      Engine Size
      • 2300cc/2.3 liter

      • Cardinal Red
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      2005 Triumph Rocket III - Photo 1565 The Beast Left side 2002 Honda VLX 1800 Jesse on Virox; '04 Honda Interceptor '00 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic '06 Honda VLX
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      Member: Ta2d2x2
      Created: 04-08-2007 11:17 PM
      Last Modified: 04-08-2007 11:40 PM
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      Comments: 2
      Author Comment Date
      Ta2d2x2 Hi Connie,

      I thank you for clearing up that it is in fact the name of your bike...and not your referring to the actual bike. I had a '99 VLX and I loved that bike! Back then, I was called the Bolt-On Queen! lol That poor little bike had every imaginable chrome accessory on her! It would be nice if it came with a 5th gear. As is, I tend to get forgetful and go throw the motions of that 5th and even a sexth gear as my sport bike has this. But you have to quell my curiosity now... what were the last 4 bikes you had?? lol

      Why is it that you think this forum is not friendly to you? I certainly hope that i in no way offended you. It was never my intention. I am always thrilled when I come across another female cyclist. I am the Miami-Dadae chapter leader for www.womenride.org.

      Have a great remainder of the week,
      BayAngel the NAME of my bike is sissy, i didnt mean it was a sissy, i say alot of stuff backwards on the net. big deal, who cares, so what.?? LOL
      accually i have more respect for it than the last four bikes i had in the last four years.
      i know it is a 4 speed.
      VERY wow nice bike you have there.
      i am happy w it and the gas prices are risin and we are cool! no?
      this forum is not friendly to me. i have not gotten used to it.
      i use yahoo, where i have a womens bike group.
      great looking bike and thanks for the message. happy easter and ride safe
      connie b fl
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