View Full Version : womans opinions!why do u like to ride!

01-23-2006, 08:07 AM
hello biker babes! need some opinions here doing a paper on "why woman like harley davidsons"! what attracts u to ride?
thanks for your help!
ride safe and enjoy!
ziggy:moped: :tool: :patriot: :thanks:

01-23-2006, 09:01 AM
ZIGGY .... welcome to the forums. why do women like to ride??? probably for all the same reasons as men .... wind in the face, bugs for dinner if you keep your mouth open, the feeling of freedom, the scenery, the ability riding gives you to think a problem through or just clear your head.
ps. was this a trick question????

Double Delight
01-23-2006, 01:19 PM
The feeling of freedom. The wind, and the comraderie with other riders. The sound of a bike, any bike, anywhere, anytime.
And, I don't like Harleys much. My fave bike right now is a Virago. Twice the bike for half the price; hardly needs wrenching and handles like a dream. I like bikes with less vibration than a HD due to neck problems and personal preference. Long rides especially!
To each his or her own, though, and I am happy to see any beautiful bikes, and anyone up on a bike.
20 minutes on a bike and I feel like I've had 3 days in the Bahamas.
Now, if I could just do something about this helmet hair!