Leesburg Bikefest 2005 - Downtown Leesburg

Leesburg Bikefest 2005

Scenes from Downtown Leesburg Bikefest 2005

leesburg main street east This is Main Street in downtown Leesburg looking east during bikefest 2005.
leesburg main street west This is Main Street in downtown Leesburg looking west during bikefest 2005.
leesburg bikefest east This is another view of Main Street at Leesburg Bikefest looking east.
leesburg bikefest west And yet another of Leesburg Main Street looking west.
sponsor gator harley davidson This is the stage sponsored by our local Gator Harley Davidson dealer.
leesburg bikefest volunteers A coulple of Leesburg Bikefest volunteers directing traffic.
Ike at leesburg bikefest Here's IKE, he's in charge of something.
booze distributor at leesburg bikefest They let these guys be in charge of the booze during Leesburg Bikefest 2005. Go figure!
chopper at leesburg bikefest A custom chopper riding through Main Street Leesburg Bikefest 2005.
chopper on main street leesburg This is another custom. I think he was from a shop with the guy above.
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