Leesburg Bikefest 2005 - Les Dudek Concert

Leesburg Bikefest 2005

Les Dudek grew up in Florida. At the age of 19 he was called upon by the Allman Brothers Band to perform on the "Brothers and Sisters" album, on which he played lead guitar on" Ramblin Man" and acoustic guitar on "Jessica." For the next three years Les was the guitar strength in Boz Scaggs band most notably playing slide guitar on "Jump Street" from the "Silk Degrees" album.

In 1974, Boz and Les special guested the Joker Tour with The Steve Miller Band. At the end of this tour, Miller invited Les up to Seattle to record some tunes that turned into classic hits on Fly Like An Eagle and Book Of Dreams (Capital Records), from which Les co-wrote *Sacrifice*. On Living In The 20th Century (Capital Records), Les appears on the record and the movie. Les also co-wrote *Blue Eyes*on the Wide River Album (Polygram).

Another memorable show Les did with Miller was the second Knebworth Park Concert outside of London featuring Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart and members of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Les was then approached to record a demo for Columbia Records. and at the same time, Herbie Herbert asked Les to come to a rehearsal hall in San Francisco to hear this new band he was nurturing. He wanted *the two guitar heroes* of the Bay area to be in the same band, **.and we*re going to call it "Journey". The same day Les was invited to the first Journey rehearsal, he was offered a solo recording deal from Columbia records. Les decided to go with being a solo artist for Columbia Records.

During the next six years Les released four critically acclaimed solo albums, (Les Dudek debut, Say No More, Ghost Town Parade and Gypsy Ride) scoring two FM radio hits * *City Magic* and *Old Judge Jones*. He then collaborated with two other Columbia artists, Mike Finnigan, who played with Jimi Hendrix and CSN&Y and Jim Krueger, who wrote *We Just Disagree* for Dave Mason. DFK (Dudek, Finnegan,and Krueger) released one album on Columbia Records and toured most of 1978 with Kansas.

After a hiatus from DFK, CHER asked Dudek to participate on a recording project, which became the Black Rose album (Casablanca Records). After a few appearances, such as a concert with Hall & Oates in New York*s Central Park, *The Merv Griffin Show* and Wolfman Jack's * Midnight Special*, the Band broke Up. During these times an intimate relationship began between Les and Cher and lasted a few years.

In 1984, Dudek made his acting debut as "Bone" in Peter Bogdanovich*s Universal feature film "Mask" which starred Cher, Sam Elliott, Eric Stoltz and Laura Dern. He also penned a few songs for the soundtrack.

Dudek teamed up with Stevie Nicks and co-wrote two songs; *Sister Honey*, a collaboration which appears on her "Rock A Little" album (Modern/Atlantic Records) and *Freestyle*, the title track to Les* new CD . Les also toured with Stevie on her 1991 Whole Lotta Trouble tour.

Throughout the *90*s Dudek toured the U.S. and Europe. Les also released a rock 'n blues album titled Deeper Shades Of Blues and Freestyle (E Flat Productions). Additionally, Les wrote and performed instrumental library music for television. This music can be heard on NBC, ABC, ESPN, FOX SPORTS and the E channel. These instrumentals are featured on such programs as *Friends*, *Extra*, *Wild On*, *Search Party*, and *Access Hollywood*.

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people at Les Dudek concert leesburg bikefest The stage shown from sitting in the grass at Leesburg Bikefest 2005 town square.
Les Dudek playing guitar Les Dudek Playing guitar at Bikefest.
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crowd at Les Dudek leesburg bikefest concert Some of the crowd at the Leesburg Bikefest 2005 Les Dudek Concert.
Les Dudek at the microphone Les Dudek Singing.
Gator Harley Davidson leesburg bikefest sponsor The stage sponsored by Gator Harley Davidson Leesburg Florida.
Les Dudek stage Wide shot of Les Dudek Band.
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Les Dudek jam at leesburg bikefest Les Dudek band Jamming.
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Les Dudek playing guitar hard Les Dudek band ripping it up at Leesburg Bikefest 2005.
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