Leesburg Bikefest 2005 - Exhibits and Motorcycles

Leesburg Bikefest 2005

Some of the exhibits, people, and motorcycles at Leesburg Bikefest 2005

motorcycles on leesburg main street Main Street in Downtown Leesburg was packed with motorcycles.
motorcycle parking There were parking lots full of motorcycles at Leesburg Bikefest 2005.
Rats Hole Flat Head right side Right side view of Rats Hole flat head.
Rats Hole Flat head left side Here is the left side view of the Rats Hole bike.
Rats Hole Trike A trike on display at the Rats Hole Exhibit.
crowd at magnolia bar Some Lake County locals outside the Magnolia bar.
People in street at magnolia bar Here's the same crowd. They got your's truely in the pic this time.
Dave O in golf cart The guy driving this cart makes alot of bikefest possible. Hats off to you Dave!
motorcyle riders on main street leesburg A nice view of motorcycles parked and riding on Main Steet at Leesburg Bikefest 2005.
bubba at the magnolia bar Bubba and company relaxing at the Magnolia Bar.
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